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Signature Card

Original request...

Client typed and sketched card on piece of paper

Note also the card size (4"x6") and quantity to print (5000) and type of paper to use (110 Index) which were indicated at bottom; our clients took it for granted that whatever we designed was going to be arpproved and printed on first round.

Our suggestion...

We designed originally on ruled paper and used a pencil to sketch the form - that was in 1983. Today we use layout programs to directly convert the sketched idea into a formatted result. The approach is still the same, except it's faster.

Our final redesign

Our design has always been based on logical expectations: Enough space to spell out a name and street address. This has been tempered with specific design constraints by the company's style and guidelines (if any). The last configuration is based on the amount of space we have to work with.

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